Multilingual Websites: e-Commerce

E-Commerce professionals, do you really want to lose customers simply because your website isn’t friendly with their native language and culture? If you’re in the business of e-Commerce, you should definitely be operating in 2 or more different languages. One of the perks of e-Commerce is how accessible it is to not just your source culture, but all of them, worldwide—hence the Worldwide Web.

Here are 4 reasons why your e-Commerce website needs to be multilingual.

1. That’s So 10 Years Ago

Over the last decade or so, there’s been an influx of international influence over the Internet. This is why you should consider having a website that functions not only in English but 2 or 3 other target languages as well.

Research some and find out where your profits lie. Not only that, but find out where your profits could lie. Consider your options there, because we can guarantee that you certainly have them available to you—you just may not be aware of it.

2. Beat The Competition

This one is self-explanatory. That’s a common business practice—stay ahead of the game. And new languages essentially equate to new customers. When you make proactive moves toward success, when you “think outside the box” and lean toward innovation, you’re more likely to operate at a higher level of success than your competitors. That’s just Business 101.

3. Cultural Caring

Fact: International consumers are more likely to trust you and your product or service if they can understand, without a doubt, what it is you’re peddling. Who wants to guess at what they’re buying? By translating your e-Commerce business into other languages you are essential:

  • Building trust
  • Showing you care
  • And demonstrating cultural sensitivity

A well-designed multilingual website works toward breaking down barriers between you and your consumers, on a cultural level. Culturally-informed usability is something you WANT to embrace. Translation of your website can help you move toward this.

4. Discoverability

When it comes down to it, you want to be found by not just your own native language speakers, but by global markets and consumers as well. That’s pretty much the point of e-Commerce. Translating your website into other languages will push you toward a higher ranking in international search engines, used by none other than international consumers.

You need to be operating on a multilingual level, no matter what sort of e-Commerce goods and services you’re providing. Contact ITC Translations today so that we can put you on the right path to international e-Success.

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