Translation’s Misconceptions

Here are 3 common misconceptions in the realm of translation.

1. CAT tools will replace translators

Though CAT (computer-aided translation) tools are incredibly advanced these days, they’re no substitute for translator that has experience in the target and source languages of your project, as well as your specialization.

Are you a pharmaceutical company? If so, that’s going to mean you’ll need a translator that has taken the time, effort, and energy required to familiarize themselves with pharmaceutical practices, policies, procedures, and terminology. The more keyed to your field the translator is, the higher quality your finished product will be. If you have a translator who is specialized, then you essentially have a guarantee that your project will be executed by a professional. It’s all about a sense of security that CAT tools can’t always give you. As languages change and alter according to cultural changes, so too will translation, as well as the scope of CAT tools.

2. Being bilingual is an automatic qualification

Untrue on all accounts. As previously mentioned, there are many facets to translation. Understanding source and target languages is only one. There is also the understanding of cultures and the differences demanded by spoken and written language.

Spoken language is vastly different from written language. The Chinese dialects of Mandarin and Cantonese are different when spoken, however, when written they are virtually the same.

There’s a lot that comes with the skill of translation.

3. English is the only language necessary

Again: untrue on all accounts. Though many may have a basic understanding of English, if you run a business, and your customers and clientele are ESL (English as a Second Language) consumers, then they’re going to have some reluctancy to purchase with you. Naturally.

Why? Because language is complicated and there are a lot of nuances in English that an ESL consumer may not understand.

However, if you were to provide a translated version of the same page, your business might see more success with consumers being willing to buy from you, simply because they’re more familiar, more comfortable with the language your goods and services are being presented in. Translating your website, product or text is a great way to build consumer relations.

For more information on each of the 3 misconceptions listed above, contact ITC Global Translations. Not only will we provide you with an in-depth explanation of what your translator can do for you, but we’ll also help you get started moving your business or brand into international markets. ITC could be the Language Service Provider you’ve been waiting for.

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