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Translation Services During Global Emergencies

The rise of COVID-19 has taught the world many valuable lessons, and it has hit some countries much harder than others. However, over the course of the pandemic, one thing has become crystal clear: accurate translations are more important than ever.

Effective translations matter when something as serious as COVID-19 affects the world. There are many different examples showing why it’s important to ensure that your translations are as accurate as possible. Consider the following to see just what we mean.

  • As the pandemic began to increase in severity and frequency, news reports about it slowly came out all over the world. If those reports had been mistranslated, the overall impact of the disease may not have been as completely understood. This could have made things even worse for everyone.
  • Medical establishments and healthcare professionals working together across the world rely on accurate medical translations. Running documents or text through translation software doesn’t really provide accurate translations, which in turn can make confronting and overcoming the crisis nearly impossible. If medical professionals can’t communicate properly and effectively, progress in dealing with the problem stalls.
  • Researchers working on vaccines, cures, and treatments share information with one another. While doctors and nurses try to control the disease on the frontlines, these experts work behind the scenes to stop it for good. If translations are inaccurate, researchers can’t reach their goals on time.

These are just a few of the main reasons that accurate translations are crucial. But what helps to ensure accurate translation during times of crisis—or anytime, for that matter? The biggest factor is simple: the professionals involved in a translation should be experienced in the right field and fluent in both languages.

The challenge in hiring someone who is simply bilingual is that even though they may be fluent in another language, they likely aren’t experts in the particular field in question. Medical industries, for instance, have lingo and terminology that are so specific they’re practically another language all their own. This means that when these terms come up, they must be translated properly by someone who understands them well.

Using online or downloaded software is even worse. Most translation programs translate on a word-to-word basis. But language is fluid, and different languages have different word meanings and colloquialisms. An ordinary translation program can’t pick up on the subtleties of a language, so the translation ends up being inaccurate and difficult to understand.

The only way to ensure that translations are accurate is to rely on professional translators. During the COVID-19 crisis, those in the medical field are undoubtedly heroes who have dedicated hours of their lives and put themselves at risk to help humanity. But behind the scenes are many others helping to ensure that the right outcome is reached. Translators are a perfect example.

Whether it’s a time of crisis or business as usual, you need professional translation services you can depend on. Contact ITC Translations to get the translation service you deserve.

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