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The Importance of Interpreting

It’s no secret that getting translation services for your business is incredibly important. But many business leaders may not realize how important it is to partner with a global translation service that can provide more than just translation services. A full suite of language services that include interpretation, audio video services, SEO and more will save time and ensure your business partner can meet all your language needs.

Language is a complex thing, with entire college programs dedicated just to the study of how we communicate. And when it comes to professional language services, the key to getting the best results is to have someone handling the process that understands the nuances of the language the information is being translated or interpreted into.

But do you know the difference between translation and interpreting?

Essentially, it can be broken down like this: translators work on the written word while interpreters work with spoken word. One of the most common forms of interpretation is simultaneous interpreting done in real time, where the interpreter listens to a speech or conversation and interprets what is being discussed into a different language for their client at the same time. Consecutive interpretation is another style where the interpreter waits until a speaker takes a pause (usually every one to five minutes) and then interprets what was said.

Specialized skills are essential in a world where global markets come together and where fields like medicine have conferences that are attended by people from around the world. Interpreters can also work bi-directionally, interpreting both sides of a conversation so that everyone in the group understands what is being said. Interpreters need to be highly skilled at their languages since they will be interpreting very quickly and often in a real world, live setting where there is no time to do research on the exact meaning of a term.

In short, you’ll want to find an interpreter who is experienced with the language as well as the subject matter. This applies to all forms of interpreting including:

  • On-demand phone interpreting
  • Court interpreting
  • Conference interpreting
  • Escort or travel interpreting
  • And more

Getting the best results isn’t always as easy as it seems. The internet seems filled with people promising to provide effective services. But the best way to get the best results for your business or your organization is to turn to a professional translation provider with a complimentary range of skills and services.

At ITC Translations you’ll be matched up by our service with someone who speaks your required language as their native tongue. They’ll have experience in the language as well as with your area of focus, which ensures that you get the absolute best results possible. If you’re ready for interpretation that conveys the meaning of your work, contact our team today to see what we can do for you.

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