The Big Risks of Bad Translation

For businesses operating today, cutting costs is a natural progression towards end goals. It’s important that you reduce overall operating costs in order to ensure that you give your company the best potential for the future. But one thing that is easy to forget is that sometimes, those cut corners can cost you.

A perfect example of this is in translation services. With the rise of software solutions and the internet, it seems like it’s easier than ever to just type some words into a program and get a translation immediately. But the fact is that this can backfire in a big way.

Why Bad Translation Exists in the Business World

In a perfect world, communication issues would be a non-issue. But they’re a serious problem when your business is trying to reach a global market. Automated translation tools and amateur translators offering their services at a fraction of the cost of the pros don’t do the job properly – they’ll just translate the words one at a time in many cases.

But when that happens, you lose out on the meaning behind phrases and terms, and the context of your communication. It takes someone who is experienced in speaking a second language and writing well in the language they translate into, and who understands the field your translation services are being applied to can truly give you a translation worthy of representing your company.

The Negative Consequences of Shoddy Translation

Poor translation may be a cheap purchase. But it’s something that can end up costing your business tremendously. Just consider some of the ways that bad translation can impact your business to see what we mean:

  • Poor Messaging – Bad messaging can ruin everything you’re trying to accomplish. If your goal involves sales, connecting with clients or partners, or anything else similar to this, a message that isn’t translated correctly can quickly set you back in a huge way that can ruin your entire investment.
  • Bad Branding – Just as poor messaging can ruin a single marketing push, your brand can suffer as well. The image you’re trying to portray can be ruined, and your business may seem far less than professional thanks to a single bad translation.
  • Safety Issues – Safety could be a major risk associated with bad translation. For instance, if you’re translating a medical text, a single mistake could be fatal. Warnings and guides on using a product need to be correct as well, or a safety problem could arise – something that could get your business involved in a lawsuit that can cost thousands.
  • Compliance Issues – Without proper translation, a business may end up falling into noncompliance. Accuracy matters in a big way when it comes to legal texts and other similar documents, and it’s important that you ensure your translation is done properly to keep a business on the right side of compliance.

Simply put, bad translation can cost a company thousands, sometimes quickly. It’s important that you take the time and money to invest in quality translation services. Doing so will ensure that you aren’t left facing the negative repercussions that can come as a result of bad translation. At ITC Translations, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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