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ITC France translates U.S. Election Articles

ITC France’s teams met the challenge of immediately translating articles written in four languages by European correspondents for seven daily papers covering the U.S. elections.

The LENA (Leading European Newspaper Alliance) organization includes seven of the most prestigious European daily papers: La Tribune de Genève and Tages-AnzeigerEl Pais for Spain, Die Welt in German, La Repubblica in Italy, Le Figaro in France, and Le Soir in Belgium. The organization’s goal is to share journalistic expertise and promote quality journalism in Europe.

For one of their recent collaborations, correspondents from the various daily papers traveled across the Atlantic to cover the U.S. elections. ITC France’s mission was to translate—within a few hours and in four languages—each article written in French, German, Italian and Spanish while sticking to an extremely precise schedule. The articles were written by midnight in the United States, seven days a week, and had to be translated and delivered by 11:00 a.m. in Europe—just four hours later!

In addition to producing quality work on a tight timeline, which is part of ITC France’s normal routine, the project also required careful management of the workflow required by each article. An article written by a journalist in a source language had to be sent to four different translators. Once translated, the documents then had to be sent to the various editors involved, who published the articles almost immediately on their websites. In 64 days, from four source languages into five target languages, two to four articles a day—that’s 1,128 articles that were written, routed, and translated in two and a half months! ITC France met this technical challenge by developing a complex and very precise workflow specifically for this project.

David Haeberli, Associate Editor at La Tribune de Genève, supervised the project. He says, “I am so happy I chose ITC for this important project. The contract was fulfilled both in terms of deadlines and language quality. Overall, communication between the editors and your teams was very good.”

ITC France is proud and honored to have partnered with LENA.

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