Better Business Comes from Better Translation

A business that doesn’t have a longevity plan in place is a stagnant business. A business that wants to stick around for a generation or two (or more) needs to adjust and expand to larger audiences. The best way to do that? Translation. The best way to ensure good translation? A good language service provider.

Translators Understand the Culture

There are plenty of automated translation apps and technologies available today, but machine translation will only take you so far.

There are plenty of automated translation apps and technologies available today, but machine translation will only take you so far. An app can be good when you’re travelling and you want to communicate with locals, but even then, mistakes can happen. The BBC reports that “such apps are undoubtedly getting better, they’re still not totally reliable—a fifth of [people] surveyed said they experienced misunderstandings while on holiday because of mistranslations on their phone.”

This comes from the cultural differences that machines just don’t understand. A simple translation of words can turn into a complex and confusing message. “One big problem is that words often have more than one meaning. These homographs, as they’re called, can lead to embarrassment not just for holiday makers but for governments as well.” (BBC)

Translators Know the Industry

When it comes to the complexity of certain businesses, machine translation could cause misunderstandings that are life-changing. Imagine an incorrect word or two on a legal contract, a health safety sheet or a software procedure manual. When it comes to important documentation, the apps, and machines are better left alone. A translator who has experience with the language and the field for which they’re translating can provide the highest degree of accuracy.

Translation Services Have the Right Tools

Not only do translation services have the cultural knowledge, understanding of the language, and experience in various industries, they also have the tools needed to make the process more efficient. They can create a glossary and translation memory of your content to ensure consistency throughout all projects. Your documents will move through a smooth process from you to the project managers to the linguists—and back again. This improves the turnaround time and leads to cost savings in the long run.

This Is How Our Translation Service Makes a Difference

Our linguists have experience in the industries they translate. For example:

  • Those who translate for software localization must demonstrate that they understand IT terminology, have excellent technical abilities, and are familiar with software tools.
  • Our legal translators must be in compliance with rules of professional conduct and have in-depth knowledge of the law and relevant technical vocabulary.
  • Translators in the biopharmaceutical field must be up-to-date with ever changing procedures and regulations. They understand the language they are translating, but they also understand the language of biologics.

We have the ability to work in about 80 language pairs, which can expand your world to places you never thought you could go. From Arabic to Ukrainian, and everywhere in between, we have what you need to keep from being a stagnant business. Take the step to better translation with a human touch. Contact us today.

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