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Localization Takes Your Business to New Places

Did you know that 75% of non-English speakers won’t buy products from a business that doesn’t use their native tongue? As described in Medium, “The logic behind this is clear—you can’t buy what you can’t understand. And though in English-speaking countries we often have the assumption that everyone around the world speaks English, this, in fact, is not necessarily the case.”

The Audience Matters to Your Business

Your audience matters. What does your audience see when they view your website? Do they land on the home page and see words that make no sense? They do if your website only has one language option. An expertly crafted website can only do its job if it is understood. You must write to your audience in order to gain a foothold. And it isn’t only about the words.

Medium suggests that you “Alter your images to speak to the local population. That can range from the city backdrops you use in your website images, to demonstrating photos of women in different garments, based on the locally accepted standard.”

Translation Tips for Localization

Improving your marketing localization is essential to your long-term growth. By reaching out across various platforms in a language that speaks to your customers, you expand your base. If your business doesn’t have a localization strategy—or if it could use improvements—here are a few things to keep in mind that can change the game:

  • Translate the content. When you create your digital marketing content, think about the global audience. When writing blogs, articles, and web posts, remember that a simple sentence structure will translate easier. Avoid jargon and words that are culture-specific. By keeping it simple, you keep the message consistent across all platforms.
  • Translate in multiple languages. If your website is in English, don’t just offer a French option and call it good. You want to offer your products and services in multiple languages depending on the customers you want to reach. Ensure that each version of your website is optimized for the specific areas. Greater success comes from greater diversification.
  • Translate for mobile. Localize your content to roll out on mobile platforms, including smartphone apps. Mobile growth is surging in the Middle East and Africa, and by leaving app development out of your localization plan, you’re missing out.

We have the languages, the professional translators, and the tools you need to turn your business into a global player. Our professional translators are hand-picked for their expert knowledge in their field, as well as the mastery of their language. We offer translation services in a wide range of industries, such as marketing, IT, and tourism.

Our website translation services can take your online platform to the next level. Plus, we know how to adapt your content for seamless transition to mobile, making you available to anyone, anywhere, with a smartphone. Whatever you need, we have a solution.

Are you ready to take the next step to localization? We’ll take it with you. Contact us today.

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