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For Business Websites, Translation Is a Keystone of Success

The Internet has changed a lot about how people interact and even do business with one another. On the one hand, it’s made accessibility much easier, which has created a glut of negativity and criticism in places like social media. On the other hand, the connectivity of the Internet has now made it possible for businesses of any size to have a potentially global market.

This has meant that even a small, boutique business can serve a worldwide customer base, but it also presents huge opportunities for medium and larger businesses. However, just having a connection to a worldwide market doesn’t mean you’ll be able to sell regularly and successfully to that market. To reach a market, that market has to understand you. And in a global marketplace, that means language is an issue.

Go Beyond Local

For smaller businesses, the key to success is to ensure that local customers are informed and happy. Of course, for a local or regional business, this means that there may not be as many languages to consider. Most customers will read and speak the same national language, though there may be some variance for specific dialects. Once you go beyond your own country, that’s when things change.

Reaching Out

Europe and Asia are places where people speaking many different languages live in relatively close proximity. Crossing the channel from the United Kingdom to France brings an entirely different culture and language. Going from China to Thailand also brings a language change, as well as a completely different alphabet.

All of these nations could potentially be customers for your business, but if you’re only maintaining a website in your local language, you’re missing out. Since odds are some people in non-English speaking nations will have enough fluency in English to read and understand an English website, there’s a measure of accessibility on an English website. But that is ignoring an equally willing market that may not be English fluent, but still interested in your product or service. In fact, studies show that customers prefer to make purchases in their native language.

Taking the time

This is why it’s important to budget for creating website content in different languages. If you want to reach world markets, ensure you’re willing to invest in a website that is translated so different parts of the world can understand it. Contact ITC Translations today for a free quote.

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