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Which Businesses Get the Most Out of Translations?

Being able to communicate in other languages is always an advantage, but for some businesses, the ability to relay information in multiple languages can be either a huge competitive edge or a vital necessity. So which businesses do benefit from this? How can accurate, reliable translation help boost business operations and grow the customer base? Here are a few industries that rely on the power of translations.

Legal Organizations

The law is always a serious area with little room for error. This is why when it comes to legal documentation that may outline possession, rights, custody, or other important aspects, accurate and precise translation is often critical. There are also important personal documents like birth or death certificates that may need to be sent for processing or use in other places beyond the resident’s country and language.

In these cases where legal documents need to go abroad, the translation must be carried out with accuracy and a special understanding of legal nuance and the legal systems of each country.

Medical Industry

While some aspects of the medical industry are strictly face-to-face, such as the doctor/patient interaction, there are other times when information must go elsewhere. The highly specialized nature of medicine, and the fact that sometimes this information is a matter of life and death, mean that translations must strive for accuracy.

Medical documents of all types require translation. A medical report about a particular patient, for example, must be translated if that patient is being treated in another country, complete with the listings of recommended treatment, allergies, contraindications with certain medications, and other vital data. Medical research papers also require careful translation to ensure medical professionals in other countries can benefit from the findings and put them into practice in their hospitals.


Perhaps the one business that benefits the most from good translation services is marketing and advertising. Once any business is ready to take a product or service onto the world stage, it’s critical that the languages of the countries targeted for expansion are properly represented.

Marketing is how a business generates awareness of their product or service in their target market, but those promotional activities do no good if the market can’t understand the message. This is why it’s not just about translating marketing materials into another language; the cultural context must be taken into account. An image, concept or phrase that may be amusing in one culture may be offensive in another, so a literal translation could be disastrous in such a case. Transcreation is the ideal way to ensure your message makes the intended impact.

This is why it’s important to have important translation work done by experienced professionals. If you’d like to know more about how to achieve this, we can help. Contact ITC Translations for more information and a free quote.

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