Content and Context in Translation

Everyone involved in online marketing—and even just online business these days—knows that content is king. It’s a saying that is inescapable in its prevalence and its accuracy. Content really is king. But with the Internet and social media making it possible for businesses to reach a global market, translation becomes important too—and when it comes to translation, context can mean just as much as content.

The Reign of Content

Content appears in a huge array of formats today, including:

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Facebook posts
  • Instagram photos
  • YouTube videos
  • Tweets
  • And more

In short, everything that you upload is likely to impact your business online. When you generate meaningful content, you establish yourself as an expert in your field and show your customers that you can provide information to them that they value and can use.

It’s an integral part of marketing today, and whether it’s for a retail clothing store, a healthcare provider, global marketers, or something else entirely, the kind of content you generate will have a direct impact on the future of your business online.

Why Context Is So Important

Context has a big impact on things when you start trying to reach a global market. Translation will be key to delivering your content to the widest possible audience. And when you’re trying to tap into the global economy, this means that you have to make sure your content is still accurate, entertaining, informative, and powerful.

But language isn’t something that can simply be translated word for word. There are many variables that play into getting the right kind of translation. For instance, colloquial terms vary and can change a text’s meaning easily. If you’re writing in a humorous or casual tone, it isn’t always something that translates into another language easily. Due to cultural differences, what may be a joke in your culture could be offensive elsewhere. Planning ahead is important so you can get the best results from future translations.

A human translator will know how to handle the process of translating your texts to fit the context and culture of your audience. This way, you’ll be able to generate content that reaches across cultures and across borders and gives you the results you actually need to get.

At ITC Translations, we provide this level of service. We understand the importance of developing meaningful content and how important it is to keep that content relevant and accurate across cultural and language divides. Contact us today to get the translation services your content deserves.

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