Getting Better Translation

Getting the right kind of translation service is important for any professional business or organization. No matter the overall focus of your work, making sure that you are able to present it to the widest range of people is very important. It’s also a challenge since today’s world is smaller than ever or at least more connected.

Luckily, there are a few key tips that can help ensure that you get better translation results. If you need to communicate with clients and partners who don’t speak your language—with anything from business proposals to contracts to medical charts—knowing these tips can help dramatically.

Write Clearly

The first step really applies to your initial content creation approach. In order to get effective translation, it’s important that you write as clearly and straightforwardly as possible in the original language. Burying your meaning under local sayings and slang will only make things more complex for your translator. Write clearly to get better results.

Know Your Focus

Another thing to consider is just who you’re targeting in the future. This way, you can write in a manner that speaks to them and that is easier to translate for them. For instance, certain groups or countries may have more of an interest or need in a particular field of study. Write with that in mind.

Get Expert Translators

Translators need to be familiar with their field. Consider how many industry-specific terms or phrases there are in your content. The person handling translation must be familiar with those terms in order to ensure that they are translated accurately. You’ll need to turn to a professional who is able to read your text, understand it, and then provide an accurate translation.

Get Translators who are Fluent

Being an expert in the field is only the first step. Your translators also need to actually be able to speak both of the languages involved fluently. This way they can recognize the intent behind the writing and deliver it properly. Certain terms, words, or phrases may mean different things. It’s important for a fluent translator to handle your work so you can get exactly the results you’re trying for on the first go.


If you’re serious about getting the best possible translation for your company’s upcoming projects, it’s important that you have the right team on your side. Contact ITC Translations today to find out more about translation and how the professionals do it—and to get started on your next project knowing that your text will be translated properly from start to finish.

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