Top 4 Reasons Good Translation Matters In Politics

Achieving the right results in international politics requires effective communication. And since different countries speak different languages, accurate translation is an important part of good communication in politics.

For example, consider statements Vladimir Putin made this summer concerning Donald Trump. Putin said Trump was “ochen’ yarkiy chelovek.” Literally translated this means: “a very bright person.” However, the issue here is that in Russian, “bright” doesn’t mean intelligent as it can in English. Instead, the more accurate translation would be that Putin said Trump is a “very colorful character.” What Putin actually said is quite different from what the overall perception in the west is—and all because of one translation problem.

The Big Reasons Translation Accuracy Matters

With that in mind, it’s well worth looking at why getting the best translation matters so much within the world of international politics. Here are four of the biggest reasons that professional language translation services are so important in this field.

Getting The Truth – The differences in colloquialisms between different areas means that a literal translation isn’t usually the right one, as the Putin example above showcases. Different words mean different things to the speaker, and much can be lost in a poor translation. The truth of anything directly comes from accuracy in translations.

Media Perception – Not only is media perception influenced by translation, but public perception is impacted in a huge way by what the media reports as being fact. With the Putin example above, the media has painted Putin and Trump to be good friends when in reality, the statement made by Putin was much more modest.

Making The Deal – An integral part of politics is being able to negotiate the right deals and come to agreements that are mutually beneficial. If poor translation exists, this is much more difficult to do. The two parties can easily assume different things and this can create numerous problems in the future.

Stronger Relations – Simply put, relationships are built on communication. When professional language translation services are used, it’s easier for leaders to discuss ideals and beliefs and to build a stronger relationship. Poor translation is a language barrier that can significantly impact leaders’ abilities to form these relationships.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is simple—international politics demands accurate, professional language translation services. Otherwise, issues can become very serious and relationships are much harder to forge. And politics are just one example—business deals and arrangements can also fall apart easily due to poor translation.

In short, getting the best possible translation in any situation is a must. From politics to business, our team of experienced professional translators is here to help. Contact our team today to learn more about our services and how we can help you with all your translation needs.

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