3 Tips For Hiring Translation Providers

When you want your plumbing repaired, you call a plumber. When you want a building designed, you get an architect, and when you want your written work converted to another language, you hire a translation provider. In each and every one of these cases, you have recognized that if you want professional results, the only way you are going to get them is by engaging the services of an expert in the field. But, in all of these cases, there’s always more than one expert available. So, if you want to do due diligence, and make sure you get the most value for the money you’ve budgeted, the reasonable thing to do is evaluate a few different service providers, see what value they provide, consider how the project fits into your budget, and then make your decision based on all the factors at play. So what should you look for in a global translation agency? Here are a few things to keep in mind when hiring translation providers.


his should go without saying, but at the same time, many people often try to save money by simply engaging in the services of whoever offers the lowest price, without checking to see if that translator or company can actually do the job well. Good translators will have the reputation to back up their claims. There will be testimonials, user reviews, and many other easily trackable “digital footprints” of a company that delivers quality results. If you find a translator you’ve never heard of, with rock bottom prices compared to everyone else, be wary. In trying to save money, you may be sabotaging your own work. You may even end up having to pay more if the project doesn’t meet your needs and you have to go to the professionals anyway to salvage what you’ve lost.

Scope of work

All translation work is not equal, and the type of work you have will have very unique demands that should be met if you want the best results. If your work is being translated for marketing purposes, for example, then you need a translator who can adapt your message to the target audience in any country. If you have medical, legal or other technical texts, then your project reWoman signs translation contract.quires a translator who is an expert in those fields

Always find the translation service that is best suited to the purpose of your material. You’re unlikely to get the desired result if you take your marketing text to a technical translator. And your legal documents won’t have the right terminology if you rely on a translator who doesn’t have experience in that field. Always find the right fit for your message. A global translation agency works with professional translators who specialize in a variety of fields, so your project is sure to be assigned to someone who will provide the level of quality you need.

Regional differences

If you’re getting something translated from English to Spanish, ask yourself “Where is my audience? Are they in Mexico or Spain? If you need French translation, is it for Canadian French, or will the audience be in France? Regional differences can have a significant impact on the nuance—and comprehensibility—of your translation. Make sure you engage professional translation services that can account for these differences and put your content on the right track.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we make sure your project is right the first time. For more details on buying translation services, download this free guide from the American Translators Association.

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