Can You Build A Long-Term Relationship With Your LSP?

Is 2014 the year you’ve planned to expand your business into wider markets? If so, you should consider whether or not the language service provider you may be hiring has the potential to provide you with long-term language service support, and whether they have the tools to do so, well into the future.

There are several points to consider with regard to this question:

1. Level of Professionalism

You need an LSP whom you can work with for several years of service and not simply as a one-time deal. This means that personal and professional relationships need to be maintained with the future in mind.

2. Deadlines

This may seem obvious, and perhaps it is, but your long-term provider should be able to complete jobs on time for you, with no exceptions. Imagine working long-term with someone who has a tendency to leave projects incomplete or has trouble meeting your previously agreed-upon deadlines. It’s like a ripple effect. Issues with deadlines could possibly mean your project isn’t at its highest quality. Low-quality translations could mean your business or brand could catch a bad rap or fall into some form of legal trouble. Punctuality is important.

3. Costs

Be sure that your long-term LSP is willing to set a standard price that you can work in and around with each new they complete for you. Though pricing has a tendency to fluctuate with the economy, if you’re budgeting, you don’t want any unexpected surprises.

4. Tools

How does the LSP ensure terminology consistency? Do they have the proper tools and resources to complete the project to the optimal expectations? Being able to do so for a single job, or even a few jobs, necessitate different reserves. Most LSPs will use CAT tools that store your previous translations and can utilize those past projects to generate new translations for future projects.

Can you depend on your language service provider in crunch times? If the answer is yes, you’ve probably found the ideal LSP for you. However, if you’re still searching, contact us here at ITC Translations.

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