Arabic Translation In High Demand


The need for Arabic translators today has only increased. The statistics for business done in the Middle East, as well as the numbers noting the Middle Eastern population that occupies a substantial fraction of the Internet’s hub spots (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is increasing every day. There’s a high demand for the language today and there are a few very important areas for growth.


Arabic translators are a hot commodity, especially if your business operates at all in the oil markets.

The majority of the world’s oil reserve is located in the Middle East. To give you an estimate, the numbers come to approximately 53%, with Saudi Arabia holding about 19% of that number. As of 2011, Saudi Arabia produces upwards of 11,000 barrels of oil per day and this number is set to increase to 50% by the time we reach 2030.

With so many countries having interest in the oil reserves in the Middle East, such as BP, there’s going to be an influx of Arabic translation needs. Arabic translators are a hot commodity, especially if your business operates at all in the oil markets.


The Arabic language is only becoming more accessible to audiences, and this is made possible by the widespread interpretations and translations local to the Internet, particularly the public media (news) and social media networks.

The news coverage we’re all privy to, as well as the recent demand for more Western television shows, has increased. This opens up a wide range of potential for the media market.

One of the biggest growing trends in the Middle East is social media, which tells us that Arabic will be the 4th most used language on the Internet. Facebook has 58 million users in the Middle East, with numbers increasing by 36,000 new users a day.

Twitter, another popular social media website, hosts 6.5 million tweeters in the Middle East alone. There’s even an Arabic version of this app for users. It was instituted by approximately 13,000 translators, making Arabic the 6th most commonly used language on Twitter.

So the numbers speak for themselves. Arabic translators are a hot commodity and if you, your business, or brand require an Arabic translation, it’s in your best interest to acquire one posthaste.

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