Why Localize Your Mobile App?

No matter what one might think, feeding your non-English speaking consumers English content all the time is not something they’ll appreciate. In fact, it has the potential to do the exact opposite of benefiting you.

So when you’re working on an international scale, you should take everything into account. This means blog, website, products/services, social media, and your business or brand’s mobile app as well.

Few businesses consider localizing their apps. We’re here with a quick list that explains why you definitely should.

Localizing your app will put you ahead of the game.

In the same way that localizing all of your other content will put you ahead, so too will localizing your apps. Why? Because, again, not many brands think to do this. Being a leader in this game is what will help you stand out most.

Your market, no matter how small, will thank you.

In fact, the smaller your market, the better the outcome. Percentage-wise, you’re much more likely to see a 100% user base in a hypothetical small market. Why? Because of one word: rarity.

All things begin and end with the frequency with which companies have chosen to localize their apps. Because international users may have trouble finding English apps in their native language, the moment you localize yours, your market will now have a solution to what has likely been a longstanding issue.

Apps are popular because they’re simple.

That’s the truth of the matter. And if your app isn’t localized to fit the international market’s source language, then your app is no longer simple or easily enjoyable for the audience you’re appealing to. Knowing where the strengths lie is the best way to work them to your advantage. In this case, the strength of mobile apps lies in their ease of access.

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