ITC at the 10th Anniversary of ELIA (European Language Industry Association)

The ELIA (European Language Industry Association – organized its 18th conference in Lyon on April 16-17 and was only a few kilometers from the ITC Translations office. As an active member of ELIA, we had to attend in order to meet our peers and discuss trends in our profession.

This event, which was held at Cité Internationale, welcomed more than 100 individuals from more than twenty different countries (Austria,USA, Spain, Russia, etc.). Despite its location, only a few French-speakers were present.

First, the participants were invited to play a game where they had to list the most people present at the conference and find something in common with each of them. It was definitely a necessary step for the newcomers to start building relationships and a good way to begin the conference.

Over the course of both days, mini-conferences were organized that focused on a variety of themes: what is the most appropriate size for a translation agency, how to diversify, how to automate various processes, why to use the Cloud, etc.

At the end of the first day, the participants got a chance to take in the city of Lyon with a river boat cruise on the Rhône and then on the Saône. It seemed this made some people want to return to the capital of the Gauls.

The highlight of the event was the dinner Friday night held at the Abbaye de Collonges in honor of the 10th anniversary of ELIA. The night’s program included gourmet meals, relaxation and a pleasant atmosphere. Several people took advantage of the stage to sing some songs in their language; the French chose “Champs-Élysées” by Joe Dassin!

In conclusion, this conference, which proved to be a great success, allowed ITC Translations to meet many partners and perhaps give rise to future collaborations. Let’s not forget to congratulate the organizers for their remarkable work!

See you soon at future events!

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