ITC Translations takes part in the first Elia Together Conference

On February 11 and 12, the ITC Group visited the World Trade Center in Barcelona to take part in the Together Conference organized by Elia (European Language Industry Association). This conference brings together over 200 linguists, 50 translation agencies and 20 suppliers of development tools from across the globe.

The main theme of the conference was the development of connections under the aegis of interprofessional relationships, growth, and technology. This event brings together professional freelance translators and translation agencies in an environment which promotes dialog and mutual growth.

During the two-day event, participants were able to attend conferences which tackled various themes such as technological advances in the translation industry, improving relationships between freelance translators and translation agencies, optimizing our industry’s development process, and more, all with the aim of satisfying our end clients.

This event allowed ITC to meet new linguistic partners and thus strengthen our increasingly qualified network of translators. It was also the perfect opportunity to compare our vision of the translation world and the implemented processes.

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