In order to roll out its new telephone server internationally, this pharmaceutical development giant opted for a professional audio production service. Find out how ITC was able to help them bring this project to fruition.


Multilingual telephone greeting message


19 languages


15 countries



▸ Client brief

For the worldwide rollout of a new telephone server, our client was looking for a cost-effective, centralized global solution to harmonize telephone greetings across its 15 European subsidiaries, including 19 different languages.

▸ Client’s target audience

Customers, partners, and suppliers.

▸ Methods used by ITC

  • Comparison between a synthetic voice production or the mobilization of a human voice for each language.
  • Selection of the T. T. S. (Text to Speech) for 9 countries, therefore synthetic voice.
  • Recording of human voices for 6 countries, including two trilingual countries (Belgium and Switzerland), for 10 different languages.
  • Harmonization of all 19 greetings to achieve one overall voice signature.

Recording of A Multilingual Greeting Message for Our Client in The Pharmaceutical Sector

ITC was able to respond to a unique management problem during the different stages of the project:

  • Translation and localization of the original message into 19 languages.
  • Selection of voice resources in each language.
  • Coordination of audio production.
  • Rigorous quality control of productions done remotely for human voice resources.
  • Harmonization of voice messages in all 19 languages.

Our project managers offered the client a catalog of synthesized voices for the languages for which it was technically possible. This allowed us to reduce the client’s sales costs while maintaining unquestionable quality!

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