In order to ensure the proper transmission of information to its employees, our client chose to entrust us with the localization of an internal security video. Find out how ITC was able to respond to his request.


Localization of an internal video



Video length

20 minutes


E-commerce / Logistics

▸ Client brief

Use an existing video to create an understandable communication video for all targets.

▸ Client’s target audience

French-and English-speaking Canadian employees.

▸ Methods used by ITC

  • Global transcription of oral (speakers) and written information (titles and information panels in motion design).
  • Translation from American English to Canadian French.
  • Graphic reproduction of written and animated information.
  • Voice dubbing in French by a professional Quebec actor.
  • English subtitles.

Audio and video services for our client in the e-commerce sector

Our American client, which has logistics warehouses in Canada, wanted to make internal videos available to its Canadian teams. To meet these requirements, we dubbed the 20-minute video and added subtitles.

Here is how this multimedia procedure was handled:

  • Transcription: we transcribed all the information in the video, both the spoken and written elements (titles and information panels in motion design). This transcription, including the video’s time code, was automatically produced before being fully proofread and edited by one of our linguists.
  • Translation: the transcription was then entrusted to one of our French-speaking translators from Quebec, since we needed to translate into Canadian French.
  • Voice Casting: we cast French-speaking Quebecois voice actors who match the tone of the original voices.
  • Sound engineering: the voice-over technique was used with mixing of the original voices partially covered by the French-speaking voices.
  • Motion design: graphic production using After Effects to cover or associate animations in both languages.
  • Adaptation: from English to French motion design
  • Subtitling: our audiovisual team added English subtitles to the video, relying on the inlays already integrated (titles and panels).

This gives us a video in Canadian French with English subtitles, making this content understandable to all local teams.

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