In order to ensure the successful export of its products internationally, this well-known dog and cat food manufacturer chose to have its labels translated into a large number of languages, including some unusual ones. Find out how ITC was able to help them with this project.


Multilingual translation and LSO


29 languages


7 days

Number of words

200 words per label

▸ Client brief

The client wanted their product descriptions translated and a linguistic check of the final labels (LSO). The descriptions consisted of 200 words each and were translated into a total of 29 languages within seven working days.

▸ Client’s target audience

Distributors and retailers of specialized products for dogs and cats.

▸ Methods used by ITC

  • We put together a dedicated team.
  • An internal management system was set up for the numerous translators on several different continents.
  • The most suitable translators were identified according to the target language and the field of activity.
  • Linguistic checks were completed on labels (LSO).

Multilingual Translation and LSO for our client in the Animal Sector


Our customer, present in 36 countries, provides its distributors, partners and retailers with the necessary information about its products in their own language.

The international side of the project was therefore very present and included some challenges:

  • Remote management of a high number of translators in several different countries/continents (America, Europe, and Asia).
  • Very short deadline.
  • 30 different languages including: Ukrainian, Turkish, Chinese, Thai, Slovak, Vietnamese, Malay, Latvian, Korean, Spanish (Spain and Mexico) and many more!

Remote project management

The scope of the project required the input of some 20 linguists. This meant that our project managers had to be thorough and professional for fast, high-quality management. They ensured the success of the project by implementing several steps:

  1. Preparation of projects and instructions to be given to linguists in English and French.
  2. Link between the assigned linguists and the client, but also between the linguists in case of questions during the project.
  3. Compliance with the client’s instructions throughout the project.
  4. Receipt of translations, ensuring that delivery deadlines were met.
  5. Quality control: checking for inconsistencies, numbers, layout, formatting, spelling, grammar, hyphenation, and capitalization.
  6. Proofreading and editing by a second linguist.
  7. Delivery of the project.
  8. Creation of a translation memory dedicated to the company.

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