In order to reach a wide French- and English-speaking audience, Dar Al Dawa wanted to provide simultaneous interpreting for the event. Find out how ITC Translations was able to accompany them during this event.


Video remote interpreting (simultaneous)



Event duration

2 hours



▸ Client brief

Provide simultaneous interpretation in English and French for a two-hour webinar.
The first hour was dedicated to presenting scientific data and the second hour to questions and responses.

Four main speakers. Three Algerian professors of medicine who speak French and one Italian professor of medicine who speaks English.

▸ Client’s target audience

Healthcare professionals looking for information about COVID-19.

▸ Methods used by ITC

Identify appropriate video conferencing tool and assign expert simultaneous interpreters.

Video remote simultaneous interpreting for Dar Al Dawa

Dar Al Dawa laboratory was organizing its first webinar for health professionals on the topic of COVID-19.

In order to reach a wide French- and English-speaking audience, Dar Al Dawa wanted to provide simultaneous interpreting for the event.

The four speakers, all professors of medicine, had already been chosen, but two parameters still had to be set:

  • Video Conferencing tool: Dar Al Dawa had chosen Zoom, but wanted to confirm that it would work well for the event.
  • Interpreters: the client asked how many interpreters were needed and how to verify their expertise.

▸ Tool

Since we had already used Zoom in this capacity, we assured the client that their choice was suitable. Zoom has an interpretation plugin for multiple language channels. The client didn’t need to make any changes to their process since it worked perfectly for this situation.

The technology was tested in advance with the interpreters to resolve any technical issues.

▸ Interpreters

ITC has a vast network of translators and interpreters, including interpreters with extensive experience in the health field.

Interpreting for a conference, particularly in a very specialized field, requires lots of concentration and energy. For a two-hour project, two interpreters are required. They take turns every 30 minutes.

ITC provided Dar Al Dawa with the interpreters’ resumes to demonstrate they were professionals with expertise in the field.

Dar Al Dawa was able to provide a presentation from one of the professors in advance, which enabled the interpreters to better prepare for the event and to create a glossary of technical terms, helping make their interpretation as smooth as possible.

The webinar was very successful. The client is currently planning other similar events.

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