Seeking a capable provider for search engine optimization (SEO) and website translation, Delta Neo approached ITC. Discover how we successfully worked with our contacts on this request.


Website localization and multilingual SEO



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▸ Client brief

As part of redesigning its French website, DELTA NEO was looking for a single provider who could ensure SEO for the French market, translate this new site into English, and leverage the French SEO for its English-speaking target audience.

▸ Client’s target audience

Companies, in any field, in need of a partner to whom they can outsource work in compliance with strict specifications (engraving, micro-machining, micro-drilling, forming and more).

▸ What ITC did

  • SEO service: semantic audit and French content optimization
  • Website translation and English optimization for SEO
  • Engineering on WordPress (export/reimport/in-context verification – LSO)

Website translation and SEO optimization

Localizing Delta Neo’s website entailed the involvement of several specialists at ITC: SEO expert, project manager, engineers and linguists, all of whom played a role in this project’s success.

Before delving into the translation, we began with a 3-step SEO phase for the French site:

  1. Semantic audit and keyword mapping by page: this crucial step consists of transcribing the intentions of Internet users into key expressions and identifying which page is best geared towards optimization for a given keyword. The very technical and specific nature of the content, coupled with the fact that Delta Neo targets a vast range of industries, meant that several discussions were held with the client to approve the choices made.
  2. Writing Title and Description tags: essential parts of an organic referencing service, we wrote these tags with keyword mapping in mind and in strict adherence to character limits recommended by Google.
  3. French content optimization: we adapted the content to optimize it for the identified keywords. Besides adding these keywords, the structure of the pages was redesigned to integrate H1 and H2 tags.

This foundation was then used to complete search engine optimization in English:

  1. Keyword translation and relevance research in British English: our SEO service extends beyond simply translating keywords—it includes relevance research using specialized tools to ensure the keywords we work on really reflect what Internet users in the target country actually search for. This means that we often have to stray from the source terms, as was the case here.
  2. Translating Title and Description tags: once again, we relied on the approved English keywords to adapt the translation.

When this was done, our linguist localized the content and adapted it to fit the SEO elements. Last but not least, the project manager overseeing this project performed quality control: verifying compliance with instructions as well as checking spelling, grammar, dates, numbers, and proper nouns.

Delta Neo entrusted us with the engineering aspects of the website translation: our engineering experts exported the content for translation and then reimported the translations into WordPress.

A final quality control was performed with in-context proofreading (LSO) to ensure the website was working perfectly and that its layout was flawless.

Our client’s glowing feedback proves that this project was a complete success:

We have a beautiful English version of our site. Thank you.
I’m even seeing DELTA NEO positioned on the first page of GOOGLE… Fantastic!
I look forward to working with you again.

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