Cancer treatment draws from research and protocols developed all over the world in order to help as many patients as possible. Read on to learn how ITC Translations, a translation agency specialized in oncology, can support your work by translating all your oncology-related documents

What are the challenges in oncology translation?

People in the field of oncology are working hard every day to do all they can to treat and hopefully end cancer for good. Oncology research is one of the largest fields of medical research today, with many scientists and doctors worldwide working together on various cancer research projects at any one time. To facilitate communication among all the various parties involved in the field, professional oncology translations are incredibly important.

Within the fast-paced world of oncology research and treatment, inexperience won’t do. Whether your materials are for scientists, physicians, patients, pharmacists, insurance companies, regulatory bodies, or any other audience, working with a professional translation company like ITC Translations is essential to ensure clear communication at all levels and eliminate language barriers.

Oncology localization services from a professional translation company like ITC Translations provide you with an understanding of each culture’s use of color, symbolism, and imagery. They will also allow you to:

  • Interpret research data more effectively since you can account for cultural differences within your findings.
  • Design physician education tools that are more accurate and informative for local oncology doctors.
  • Create patient forms and informational content that is easy for oncology patients and their families to understand.
  • Build a more successful marketing campaign filled with advertisements, oncology mobile content, and promotional items the community will respond to.

As you can see, localizing your content is essential in order to secure the success of any oncology research project or treatment. Then you can be sure your materials are accurately communicating with each person using them.

Oncology Document Translation

Our professional translators specialized in oncology can translate and localize many different types of documents. Some examples include:

Patient Information

Medical reports

Research Documents

Funding Proposals

Regulatory Dossiers

Patent Paperwork

Instructional Videos

Promotional Materials

Hospital Protocols

ITC: Your Oncology Translation Agency

When you choose ITC Translations, we’ll assign your content to a translator that’s experienced in oncology and the language of the region you’re targeting. Given the fact that oncology is a constantly-evolving, high-tech field, oncology translations require an expertise within the field to fully ensure their accuracy. It’s for this reason that ITC Translations instituted our unique approach to translations. We require our oncology translators to have both of these important qualifications before they begin work on your project. There’s no other way to bring the level of precision to your oncology translations that’s required and ITC Translations has the experience to understand this.

Our network of expert multilingual translators is ready to offer you professional oncology translation and localization services in more than 80 language combinations. Our translators are based within your target communities as well, for an up to date translation glossary that includes the most recent developments in the dialect of the local area to further enhance the quality of the translation and localization services we provide to our clients.

Please contact us today to learn more about our experienced oncology translators, the translation and localization services we provide, our translation company’s past experience, or anything else about ITC Translations and how we can help you with your content.

Looking for the right partner to translate your material in the oncology field? We’re here to help!