4 Industries That Can Benefit from Translation Services

The world has become increasingly interconnected. People from everywhere can be found just about anywhere. It’s this connection and cultural diversity that have changed the marketing game for many businesses and industries. What worked 20 years ago doesn’t work today. In order to keep up with people everywhere, translation services have become more important than ever.

The Global Marketplace Is Open for Business

If you plan to stay on top of your business game, translation services are essential.

The international marketplace is open to all. Materials produced solely in English restrict business growth and expansion. Translating these materials not only gives you access to a whole new customer base, it also gives you access to a whole new base of employees. Even if your business doesn’t move, your clientele can change as the years go by.

If you plan to stay on top of your business game, translation services are essential. The following four fields can benefit greatly from language translation services.

1) Finance

In order to gain new customers in foreign markets, banking and financial services must set forth terms that are clearly written. Translation services can help gain trust and build strong relationships with potential clients. Financial documents and forms must be translated with local and international financial regulations in mind.

2) Legal

International litigation is complex to begin with. When you take into account the language, culture, and procedural differences, it can become overwhelming. One miscommunicated word can change the scope of a legal document. Law codes are very specific, so a legal translator who understands both the language and the industry is important.

3) Tourism

More people are travelling than ever before. Businesses can have brochures, travel information, and important documents translated for easy understanding. This opens a travel company to a whole new clientele. And not everyone is travelling for pleasure. Business travel has brought people of many nations together, making tourism translation services even more important to assist with arrangements.

4) Marketing

This is likely the biggest area of growth in this century. From websites to social media accounts, marketing translation is always needed. Documents required in other languages can include advertisements, contracts, commercial agreements, quarterly reports, and more. Whatever industry you’re in, sending the right message can increase profits and buy-in.

At ITC Translations, we have professional translators who work in a wide range of industries. Our languages include some of the most commonly used languages required in global business today. Not only are they specialists in the languages they work with, they specialize in the fields in which they work. If your business is in need of high-quality translation, contact us today. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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