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4 Romantic Languages to Celebrate Love in the Spring

Last month we looked at different Valentine’s Day traditions around the world. Although Valentine’s Day is over, spring is on the way (we hope!). Springtime is often associated with renewal, rebirth and a chance to find love.

Frank Bronson, a biologist from the University of Texas, reports that “Spring fever in mammals is regulated by sunlight. There are both direct and indirect photoperiodic cues that increase the amorous air this time of year.” In layman’s terms, humans and other mammals feel increased feelings of love and affection as the days grow longer in springtime.

4 Romantic Languages

What better way to celebrate the coming of spring than celebrating some of the most romantic languages translated around the world? Learn a few phrases in one of these languages and you just might find a date for a romantic picnic in the park.

Paris is generally viewed as the capital of culture, cuisine and couture, and French people are famously beautiful, thin and educated.


The accent alone is enough to make people swoon, and the beauty of the words are romantic in and of themselves. But what really makes French so sensual? Mental Floss suggests that “Paris is generally viewed as the capital of culture, cuisine and couture, and French people are famously beautiful, thin and educated—all shared standards of beauty [for some cultures] in the West…this probably plays a big part in the inherent sexiness of French.”

(Translation tip: I love you = Je t’aime)


It’s one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, and it’s full of passion and sensuality. Cheryl Brody Franklin looks back on the time she spent living in Spain for college, “I miss hearing that beautiful language all day long. I love how Spanish sounds: the rolling of the letter R…the soft ‘th’ sound they make when saying a ‘D’…it’s got such a beautiful sound to it.”

(Translation tip: I love you = Te quiero)


In 2014, CNN conducted a survey to discover what language the average person in the United States found the sexiest. It turned out that Italian was the winner (followed closely by French and Spanish). It was described as “Insatiable, predatory and possessive, this is sex as a second language.” It’s a romance language that evolved from Latin, and many of its words are recognizably romantic to people who speak Romance languages (bellissima, amore).

(Translation tip: I love you = Ti amo)


A Latin-based language that’s primarily used in Brazil and Portugal, it’s spoken by 215 million people around the world. Writer and teacher Paloma Pacheco, who learned the language in adulthood when already fluent in both Spanish and French, says “I consider Portuguese the sexiest of all the romance languages – even more so than French or Italian.”

(Translation tip: I love you = Eu te amo)

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