5 Areas Where Transcription Can Help Your Business

The world is getting more connected by the second. As more businesses branch out to parts unknown, everyone has the opportunity to buy or sell with more companies than they ever thought possible.

Technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the past 20 years and this has been the key to globalizing industry everywhere. The truth is, it’s not done growing yet and the more in-touch your business becomes with technology, the more in-touch you’ll need to be with transcription. Consider these five areas for improving your game.

1) Social media

Social media has taken video content to new levels and if your business plans on taking advantage of this highly lucrative marketing strategy, you’ll need a good transcription service to handle subtitles and captions. Even when the viewer can’t understand what is being said, they can get the idea from what they see and read.

2) Team Meetings

Do you have multiple offices? A diverse team of employees? Team meetings are a necessary part of keeping your employees on the same page, no matter what language that page is written in. Record the meetings and convert the audio to text so that you can make it easier to focus on important points—and easier for multilingual teams to understand.

Participer à une conférence est un excellent moyen de réseauter et de promouvoir votre entreprise, mais c’est également l’occasion de rassembler de nouvelles informations et idées et d’en faire part à votre équipe à votre retour.

3) Conferences

Attending a conference is a major way to network and market your business, but it’s also a great way to bring back important information to your team. Forget the pen and paper; record a multi-speaker conference and transform the audio to text so that you can share it with others, focusing in on key areas of the presentation.

4) Podcasts

It seems like everyone has a podcast these days and your business might be in the market to join the group. Transcription comes in handy for taking the text and placing it on your website for listeners to reference when needed.

5) Content

Transcriptions of audio content can actually improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Studies show that “pages that added transcripts earned on average 16% more revenue than those without” and that “YouTube videos that added captions gained 7.32% more views overall.”

Nous sommes fiers de ce que nous faisons

We’ve always provided professional translation services that span several industries and multiple language pairs. Our translators are hand-picked professionals who are not only fluent in the language they translate but also have valuable experience in the field in which they translate. We work with top translators and we continue that tradition with our audio and video transcription services.

Our talent pool includes over 1000 voice actors in 50 different languages—even the rare ones. Our actors are familiar with linguistic variations and know how to set the tone for any project you request. We offer related services that you might not even realize that you need, including:

  • Voice-over
  • Dubbing
  • Subtitling
  • Video production and editing
  • Websites
  • Social networks

Move your business into the current century and contact us today.

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