Accurate Communication Across Cultures is About More Than Just Words

When translating content it’s always important to remember that communication across cultures doesn’t just mean an accurate translation of the words from one language into another. In order to convey your full message to an international audience your content should be localized and translated for each area. This is the only way your translations will mean exactly what you want them to no matter where in the world you share them.

Language localization refers to the need to review all translated content for cultural appropriateness and sensitivity based upon the local area where you’ll be sharing your material.

Language localization refers to the need to review all translated content for cultural appropriateness and sensitivity based upon the local area where you’ll be sharing your material. Why is it so important to localize your material? The United States and England provide an easy example for why localization is so important for accurate translations.

Although you technically don’t need a translator to help you understand what your friend from “across the pond” is saying, some phrases he might use mean completely different things to him than they will to you and vice versa. For example, the “fanny pack” in the United States is called a “bum bag” in England while the “hood” of a car is referred to the “bonnet”. Localization services will catch these types of differences to avoid the communication problems that would otherwise result.

To avoid any unintentional missteps that could occur, translation companies, like ITC Translations, partner with experienced translators based around the world. These individuals are able to provide up to date localization services to inform their translations and more given their intimate knowledge and understanding of the local culture where they live and work.

Some of the ways that localization services inform translations include.

Design/Color Meanings

Design and color choices for logos, websites, printed materials and other items like these will mean different things to each culture. Localization services are used by businesses to help them cater their offerings to each of their target groups or to design a global campaign that is culturally sensitive and appropriate for all of the markets they’re working in.

Dialect Differences

As mentioned above, dialect differences like those between the United States and England may seem benign but can cause major issues if they’re overlooked; and without localization services this can be easy to do. When you have the support of a professional translator capable of localizing and translating your content, these dialect differences will be caught and remedied so your content will be able to convey your message just as you intended.

Date, Currency, Measurement, and other Conversions

Expert localization services will help ensure that you’re writing basic elements like the date, currency, measurements, and other conversions like these so that each culture will understand them accurately. Simple mistakes like these can not only cause problems but, they also make your look uninformed to your audience and can lower the overall value of your entire project.

You really can’t provide accurate translations without proper localization services, and ITC Translations understands this. We work with experienced translators based throughout the world who are prepared to translate and localize your content for optimum results. To see how our translation team can help with your project get in touch today!

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