Building Your Team For Global Success

There’s never been a better time for businesses to step up to the plate and hit a home run. Technology has created a world where thoughts, ideas, and dreams have the potential to be realized and expressed. The way we now think and interact in business has changed vastly in the last decade, and those businesses that are ready to take advantage of globalization have but to reach out and do it.

It Takes a Team

Our world has become a global village.

When Katherine Keller says “our world has become a global village,” she expresses the fact that a company in New York has the potential to buy and sell with a company in New Guinea. The way that business is now conducted around the world has brought cultures, communities, and corporations together like never before. When bringing the world together, however, it takes a team that can work conjointly to find success.

Building your team means creating a business strategy and then acquiring the team players you need to support that strategy. Who you need in your business can vary based on who you are, but management and marketing are likely at the top of your list. If translation is not, however, you could end up costing your business a fortune.

Translation Keeps You in the Game

World Finance reports that, although “English is one of the top spoken languages,” it is “significantly less popular than we would like to believe.” For example, only 39% of the French population speaks English as a second language. And the rest of the world?

  • 35% in Italy
  • 23% in Spain
  • 5.2% in Russia
  • 5% in Brazil
  • Less than 0.75% in China

Having a language solution will not only help your business, it can help investors feel confident that your company is keeping up—and perhaps surpassing—the competition. Though hiring in-house translation might seem profitable, going global means going all around the world, from Indonesia to Argentina and everywhere in between. Working with a translation service gives you access to people who know not only the most popular 12 languages of the major players in the corporation game, but the languages of the smaller, but extremely important, players as well.

A Player Who Will Come Through in the Clutch

At ITC Translations, we know that communication is the key to success in any business, but it becomes even more crucial when components of the business are half a world apart. Understanding culture in a country that’s very different from yours requires you to rely on the translation partner you put in charge of the communications. The industries we work with run the gamut of the most common businesses today, from agri-food to technical translation, so what you need is exactly what you get.

With over 2,500 hand-picked translators who work in over 80 language pairs, success is yours for the taking. There’s never been a better time to hit a home run, so choose someone who’s a clutch hitter to win the game for your business.

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