India the country language to watch

The state of world politics, finance and even prestige is dynamic, constantly changing from one decade and century to the next. In the 19th century, no one would have said the USA would be the premiere nation of the world, and in the 20th century no one would have said communist China would have one of most powerful economies in the world, but things change, and countries do too. In the 21st century, there are new countries emerging from the shadows of their past to quickly become new sources of opportunity and global leadership. India is quickly becoming one of those nations to watch.

An economic powerhouse

India is slowly but steadily become an economic powerhouse as its population combined with financial acumen continue to bring the country more prosperity and prestige.

Although India itself has an old and venerable language and culture, it entered the world stage as a modern nation comparatively recently, declaring its sovereign status only in 1950. Since then it has struggled with both preserving its culture and finding its place in a rapidly changing world, and now, in the 21st century, not only is it poised to become the most populous country on Earth, with over one billion people, its economy is on the rise. India is slowly but steadily become an economic powerhouse as its population combined with financial acumen continue to bring the country more prosperity and prestige.

This means that with a larger, affluent population in its future, there is an opportunity for people outside the country to reach that sophisticated market, but only if they can be understood.

As with many countries, there is a segment of the population that can understand English, a legacy of India’s colonial history with Britain, but far and away, the native language of the country, Hindi—as well as other dialects—is what guarantees clear communication with its sizable market. Additionally, unlike other markets, India is one of the few nations, like the USA and Japan, that has a highly developed film and music industry that itself has been attaining global reach. The “Bollywood” film infrastructure of India is incredibly prolific and has created a sophisticated audience in India that is ready to embrace all types of media, provided that it is crafted with the high standards that they are already accustomed to.

Local market forces

And that’s where translation services like those offered here at ITC Translations come in. Whether it is for business, entertainment, education, or professional needs, being able to reach out to the sizable Indian market with targeted, localized content opens many doors for increased distribution and a new, massive audience. However, this is a country with centuries of culture, history and tradition. It means that simply creating something in one language and translating it word for word into Hindi, Bengali, Marathi and other dialects won’t be enough when competing with local market forces that understand the nuances of each region. This is where crafted, localized content becomes important, with messages that don’t just speak the language but understand the culture and traditions of the targeted market.

If you have something you think you’d like to bring to the growing Indian market, there’s never been a better time to look into translating it. ITC Translations is here for you, to help you bring your vision to new parts of the world. Get in touch with us to see what we can do for you.

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