How ITC is Handling the COVID-19 Crisis

Like all companies, ITC Global Translations is obviously impacted by this unprecedented health crisis. To ensure business continuity and do our best to adapt, we have implemented several measures to support all of the people our company interacts with.

Support for employees

Since lockdowns began in mid-March, our entire team (in Canada, the United States and France) has been working remotely. This process was facilitated by the fact that several members of the team were already working remotely. This meant our IT infrastructure was ready to support this new way of working, both in terms of technical capacity and security.

This new structure led to changes in our management processes. Internally, this has translated into more frequent meetings, more regular reports from the sales department and more frequent reviews of various performance indicators (KPIs) from the different departments. Externally, we continue to keep our linguists as busy as possible, because we know that these linguistic services are often their only source of revenue.

Of course, the fact that everyone is working remotely requires new practices to maintain the same level of involvement from everyone and keep the team motivated. That’s why we host games, exercise sessions, trivia games, happy hours, lunch breaks and many other activities over video conference so that the team can stay connected with colleagues.

To help protect our employees, we also ordered masks for all our employees, their spouses and their children.

Support for partners

Faced with this exceptional environment, we worked to find solutions that would help our professional partners get through this situation. We are doing four things in this area:

  • We haven’t made any changes to our payment terms and aren’t putting any financial pressure on our partners.
  • We’re helping our partners expand their fields of expertise and developing new services in order to provide them with enough work. We’re organizing training to support this initiative.
  • Depending on the project, our employees get training on tools they need, whether they’re ones we currently use or completely new ones.
  • We’re reviewing our entire internal organization to strengthen connections with our external partners and regularly informing them of decisions made through newsletters.

Support for clients

Since the beginning of the crisis, our priority has been to offer our clients services adapted to the situation, so we’ve reorganized to take on new challenges that enable us to meet the new needs of our clients.

We’ve been doing our part to help our clients and potential clients by offering different services for free to meet their current needs as soon as possible. Staying in touch with our contacts and taking advantage of this opportunity to get to know them better seemed crucial for them and for us.

We also regularly analyze the needs and expectations of our clients in order to anticipate demand and respond to it quickly and effectively. That’s why our project managers offer new services to our clients to help them expand their reach in a challenging situation.

Thanks to our responsive team, ITC has been able to adapt and innovate in a situation unlike any we’ve had to face before.


While the global situation is critical, ITC is committed to learning and growing. That’s why we believe it’s essential to constantly reevaluate our business strategy as the situation evolves. We want to make a positive difference and come out of this international crisis stronger. We’re confident that “after” will be very productive.

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