Projects You Didn’t Know You Needed Translated: Social Media

Ivy Lun, author of this Forbes Magazine article, says, It’s estimated that half of all communication that takes place on the Internet is done in the English language. This can seem, in some ways, positive. And it is! It means you, as an English-speaker, have a lot available to you. However, as a business or brand, what this means is that, if your website is operating only in English, you’re missing 50% of the Internet community with your reach.

Social media, such as networking sites, web ads, online PR announcements and blogging platforms, can be more difficult in terms translation.

The thing to remember about social media is that it tends to run toward the informal.

The thing to remember about social media is that it tends to run toward the informal, in terms of language and word choice. This is where a lot of errors can creep in. For example, one common, incredibly informal American phrase is, “Finger lickin’ good.” However, if that phrase were to be translated from an American social media post into a Chinese social media post, the translation would amount to “Eat your fingers off.” Suffice it to say, the meaning loses some (read: all) of its intended effect. This is where having a knowledgable language service provider comes in.

A knowledgable language service provider will understand the necessity to maintain the source document/social media’s integrity. Translating content in a too-literal fashion won’t be effective and could damage the company’s image. ITC Translations has a reliable and knowledgable team of translation experts on hand to help you enter smoothly into bigger, international markets.

Translation is a daunting task, but not when you have LSPs from ITC Translations. Our language service providers can tailor your social media content to meet and match common and familiar words in your target market, including the match style, vocabulary, and tone of the source text or texts. Translating your social Internet content can boost consumer relations, which is an increasingly more important necessity in terms of finding ways to engage the audiences of larger markets, and in following international marketing trends.

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