How To Know Your LSP Is Dedicated To Your Project: Queries

We cover many tips on our blog about what you should look for in a quality translator. One of which is that the language service provider in question should ask questions. They should do everything possible to get a really firm feel for your project’s needs and requirements. Here is a little insight about the necessity for a Q&A prior to and during your project’s completion.

You should be able to ask your Language Service Provider questions—yes.

However, the opposite should also be true. They shouldn’t worry that asking questions will paint a bad impression for the client—which is why you, the general source of the project, should welcome questions with open arms. For example, to paint you a picture of a necessary question: An LSP might have questions about your company’s phrases or acronyms that no one else would be privy to.

Company-Internal acronyms or terms might need to be addressed and identified for clarification. As much as you, the source, may have tried to clarify each area in this regard, your LSP is skilled and trained for reasons such as this—to spot the holes. It’s common. So welcome the questions from your LSP with open arms. Questions = Caring Language Service Providers

Asking questions is a sure sign that the LSP you’ve hired is dedicated to your project.

Asking questions is a sure sign that the LSP you’ve hired is dedicated to your project. The LSP will also ask questions to ensure that you’re actively involved in the project’s completion. The project should not simply be handed off from hand-to-hand and then forgotten about by the source. It’s a collaboration. Do keep in mind, however, that your LSP should not overload your inbox with question emails. A few is fine, of course. And you’ll be able to gauge which are the important updates and which are simply unnecessary updates or queries. You May Not Have All The Answers

It’s natural, of course, to receive a question from your LSP that you’re unsure about. This is where both you and your Language Service Provider will come together, research and hunt down the answers to the unknown questions. You might also consider involving the rest of your team as well. The more heads involved, the more effective and efficient the translated project will be at its end. Take the necessary steps to ensure that the project comes to its best possible completion.

What have your LSP inquiries been like? How have your Q&A sessions affected the project? We at ITC Translations can give you a little more insight as to the right questions to ask your LSP and how you might go about answering theirs. Contact us today!

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