ITC & Your Non-Profit Organization

Is your brand or company a non-profit? If so, what this means is that you’ll want to ensure that you and your organization are as marketable as possible. And, in ensuring this, you’ll need to embrace cultural concepts that help you bridge the linguistic gaps that limit so many other organizations. You want your non-profit’s hand to be far reaching. ITC Translations can help you get there.

Non-Profits & Charity Organizations

You’re effectively removing barriers and common apprehensions that come naturally with financial matters, such as online donations and transactions.

These organizations rely heavily on visibility increases so that they’re able to reach audiences on a global level, increasing their pool of donors and the potential donations they hope to see in the future. As you can see, this is vital for non-profits. When you work with us here at ITC Translations, you’ll receive compelling translations of your non-profit’s presence on the web, drawing in international visitors. When done properly, your audience will be able to review the vital information that’s been translated into the target language of your choosing. Here, you’re effectively removing barriers and common apprehensions that come naturally with financial matters, such as online donations and transactions.

Today we’ll cover a bit about non-profit organizations and how yours might be benefitted by translation services. First, you must be certain your project is ready for translation—Be it website or legal documents. With something like website translation, your web content management system must have everything set in place. This includes the authoring/storing/publishing platform for the website. Website Features Search utility tools must be altered to accommodate whatever target language your website is being translated into. Along with this, input fields must be altered accordingly as well. Other Considerations: – Linguistic specifications – Cultural propriety – Legal issues – Graphics – Images

Translating your web presence is incredibly vital.

It’s the initial step on your path to wider exposure, on a global level, and increasing your organization’s global marketing strategies and presence. ITC Translations specializes in translating document types such as websites, budgets, PowerPoint presentations, press releases, press articles, public awareness campaigns, activity reports, information packs, research reports, questionnaires, and correspondence. Though humanitarian organizations commonly deal with sensitive issues requiring a certain amount of care and consideration, ITC’s translators are well-equipped enough to handle your every need. And ITC Translations will ensure you and your non-profit organization or charitable company receive quality and cost-effective solutions. Contact us today.

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