Six Important Languages for Business Translation

As more businesses expand across the globe, they are reaching customers they never thought they could reach. This makes marketing more important than ever. What works for those whose primary language is English doesn’t always work for those whose primary language is something else.

There is no question that businesses must adapt their websites to extend their reach. Internet traffic is continually growing, and more people continue to search for products and services online. If your website isn’t available in a language your target customer understands well, they will likely look elsewhere.

With over 6,000 languages around the world, it can be difficult to know how to market your business. If you’re concerned about building relationships with customers and potential consumers, here’s a list of the top six languages in addition to English that can prepare your company for the changing global landscape.

1) Mandarin Chinese.

There are around 983 million people whose native language is Mandarin. China’s economy continues to grow and is predicted to take over the U.S. as the world’s largest. Mandarin is also the second most popular language among Internet users, making it one of the best languages for business.

2) Spanish.

There are 41 million people in the United States alone who speak Spanish as their first language and this number continues to grow. Even businesses who aren’t looking for an immediate global expansion should consider providing localization services in Spanish.

3) German.

The fourth most used language online, German is an important language in the automobile, banking and research communities. There are currently 210 million people who speak this language worldwide, and many international corporations look for German translation even before Spanish and French.

4) Arabic.

Arabic is the official language of 278 different countries, six of which are listed among the UK’s top 50 export market in goods.

This is the fastest growing language online, with 295 million speakers worldwide. It’s the official language of 278 different countries, six of which are listed among the UK’s top 50 export market in goods. Arabic is the chief language spoken in the wealthy city of Dubai and is becoming one of the most in-demand languages for translation services.

5) Portuguese.

It’s the second most common language spoken in Latin America and the fifth most common on the Internet. Portuguese is the official language of Brazil, which is the world’s seventh largest economy. According to The Startup, Brazil is “the most widely cited science base outside the G8, [and has] many opportunities to capitalize on scientific cooperation and collaboration, including in the areas of pharmaceuticals and energy.”

6) French.

There are 76 million native French speakers around the world, residing in 39 countries. It’s the official language for three of the five fastest growing African economies as well as one of Canada’s official languages. As one of the official languages of the United Nations and World Trade organization, French is still a key language for business.


We have professional translators who work in all of these languages and more. We can meet the needs of businesses wanting to extend their reach globally or just around the corner. Whatever type of industry translation you need, we’ve got you covered. Contact us for more information today.

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