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The Growing Challenge of Good Communication—And Its Importance

Communication has always been a vital part of humanity. From the dawn of time until now, communication has driven our growth and advancement in every area. But today, it’s cultural differences that can impact your business in a huge way. Whether it’s a minor translation error or a cultural faux pas, professional connections can be negatively influenced when translation breaks down.

When you are working on a global level, it’s vital that you make sure everyone is able to connect properly.

It’s a huge challenge for your HR department, marketing department, and even your sales or research teams. When you are working on a global level, it’s vital that you make sure everyone is able to connect properly—and that means better translation. Let’s look at some areas where translation is a must for good communication.

Within the Workplace

Within your workplace, there may be multiple employees from different countries and cultures. And while the day-to-day interactions you have with them may be in your language or theirs, what about documents, communications, and more? It’s important to reach others properly, and this means that you have to consider several areas within the business. Here are some examples:

  • Policies – Your company policies matter, and an improper translation or misunderstood line of text can cost you an employee, lead to legal compliance issues, and more. As such, it is vital that all of your policies are translated accurately and that everyone in the workplace understands them fully.
  • Employee Handbooks and Documents – Your employee handbooks and documents need to be translated properly as well. When you hire a new employee, they need to understand everything from their benefit package to pay details to how to use employee portals and more.
  • Announcements and Communications – When something comes up, you need all of your employees to remain in the know. This includes everything from in-office memos to corporate notices to newsletters and beyond. Everyone in your business needs to understand all of the business communications, or else you’re at risk of losing employees or creating confusion.

Whether you have a small business or a large multinational corporation, the right translation services will impact the way that your employees work together and how they fit into the business. Don’t overlook their importance.

Outside the Workplace

Of course, your business doesn’t operate in a vacuum. This means that you have to make sure external communications are translated properly too. For example, marketing copy can generate confusion in another language if the translation isn’t handled properly. Everything from tone to colloquialism can change the way a translation reads, so it’s vital that you take the time to invest in proper translation.

From attracting new clients to building new relationships to landing a new contract, conducting business internationally requires the right kind of translation.

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