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Translate Your Brand to Meet the Masses

Translating your brand across borders can be a delicate process. Virgin explains the challenge faced by U.S. company Clairol when introducing their “Mist Stick” curling iron to a German audience: “mist in German slang means manure.” Another example of brand-gone-bad is when “American baby food company Gerber came up against a similar problem in France, a country where the word ‘gerber’ is similar to the slang word for throwing up” (Virgin).

When launching your brand in another country, one of your top priorities should be understanding the local culture. Working with a language expert from the start can help. According to Virgin, “The right people on the ground will ensure that the overarching concept fits that region [and] ensure that the end product is flexible enough to use in other markets.”

Three Important Areas

Translating and marketing your brand is important, but there are three areas of your business that need attention if you want to reach the masses around the world.

  • Internet and website content
  • Mobile data
  • Video content

Internet Content: Your website is the key to your business. It represents who you are, what you do, and why you’re the best choice for consumers everywhere. Your website should have translations on the landing pages and informational areas, but a good marketing strategy includes appropriately localized content. Engaging blogs and educational articles can make you a thought leader in your industry and draw people in to see what else they can learn.

Mobile Data: If you haven’t optimized your mobile content, you’re already two steps behind. According to Forbes magazine, “Digital publishers must optimize their websites for mobile users and start thinking mobile first in all of their designs. Almost 60% of all searches are now from mobile devices.” People are attached to their mobile phones more than ever before, and having a mobile presence now will carry your business well into the future “as a staggering 94% of millennials own smartphones and use their mobile devices for everything these days” (Forbes).

Video Localization: More people are using translation services for localizing their audio and video projects. Professional services can make video content linguistically understandable and culturally relevant. In a world where technology has given people instant access to video reports and stories, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of the opportunity to use it for your business.

Start with a Professional Translation Team

Preparing your business to reach new markets starts with the help of a professional translation team. At ITC Translations, we set ourselves apart by putting talent and technology to work for you. Our team of professional linguists is hand-picked from around the world based on their knowledge of the language, understanding of the culture, and expertise in the industry. Your legal documents can be translated from French to Turkish, and your surgical procedure documents can be translated from Japanese to Korean all without missing a beat. Get your business on board with a company that caters to what you need to better your business. Contact us today.

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