The building sector includes many stakeholders who may be scattered over many countries. Find out how ITC, a construction industry translation agency, can help you translate all your documents related to the construction sector.

Translation in the Construction Field: What’s at Stake?

Today, globalization is also taking place in the construction sector and construction projects are becoming increasingly internationalized. Numerous actors collaborate on building sites: developers, architects, engineers, investors, contractors, owners, etc. All of these people need to understand each other and exchange information.

It is not uncommon for real estate projects to emerge, carried out by a foreign architect at the request of an investor from a third country. This gives rise to a multitude of documents to be translated into the three languages concerned, from the building plan to the building permit.

This internationalization is even more extensive for large industrial construction projects because the tender stage is added. Whether it is a question of understanding the promoter’s requirements or formulating a response, translation becomes indispensable.

With a lot of text of a legal nature, a translation agency in the building and civil engineering sector must be rigorous and have specialist knowledge in the field. And even for the most basic texts in the field of construction and public works, each word must be chosen with care, as there may be legal consequences for the parties involved. Therefore, it is essential to use a translation agency that specializes in the construction industry.

Translating documents in the construction industry

ITC responds to your needs by providing a multilingual translation service in the construction sector. Here are some examples of the documents we can translate:

Technical notes

Building permits

General and specific administrative clause books

User manuals

General and specific technical specifications

Work schedules

Applications for approval of subcontractors

Entrust your Translations to ITC, Construction Sector Translation Agency

Our experts in public works translation will handle all your legal, technical, and financial documents, according to their field of specialization and native language. Our aim is always to help you maintain the same level of accuracy and understanding between the translated text and the original text.

We use the most advanced computer-assisted translation tools on the market. This enables our specialist translators to work under the best conditions and guarantees the highest possible translation quality. Thanks to these translation tools, our team can create glossaries and translation memories that require a minimum of revision and improvement and guarantee better terminological consistency.

Whatever your project, ITC is involved at all levels of translation in the construction sector thanks to a rigorous selection of translators and related services such as multilingual DTP and audiovisual production to provide you with turnkey files.

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