ITC, a translation company offering services in a multitude of languages, offers Swedish as one of its language combinations, either as a source or target language. ITC’s network of professional translators includes qualified Swedish linguists with many years of experience in translation, ensuring that the quality of the work meets the client’s expectations.

10 million

people have Swedish as their mother tongue


main dialect groups make up the Swedish language

9 vowels

are used in Swedish

History of the Language: Translation into Swedish

Swedish is the official language of both Sweden (since 2009) and Finland. Swedish, which has its origins in Old Norse, is still intelligible in Finnish and Danish, two other Scandinavian languages. Swedish has undergone a number of changes and simplifications over the course of history to become the contemporary Swedish that is used today. It became Sweden’s common and standardized national language in the 20th century, although regional variations remain.

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Specific features of the Swedish language

Swedish consists of the Latin alphabet’s 26 letters, plus 3 additional letters. There are two genders (common and neuter) and two numbers (singular and plural) but no grammatical case endings, except the possessive “s,” like in English. The Swedish language borrows from German, French and more recently, from English, and favors composition when forming words, which creates relatively long terms. Sweden is a large exporting country with a strong industrial focus, especially in the automotive and capital goods sector, which is why it is important to use an agency that specializes in Swedish translation.