ITC is a key translation agency partner for Vancouver area companies. We specialize in multilingual translation, transcreation, subtitling, voiceover, localization, SEO and desktop publishing services for every business sector.

Document translation services in Vancouver

Our document translation services are available in more than 80 language pairs so companies can reach any target market around the world in a wide range of industries, including the technical, legal, medical and financial fields.

Vancouver is North America’s gateway to the Asia Pacific and a hub for international companies that all need top-notch legal translation services. Since we have a large global network of professional translators, we can select a legal expert who knows all the relevant legal systems for your documents. These experienced professionals handle all types of document, including contracts, statutes, summonses, corporate documents, expert reports, rulings and more.

Organizations in healthcare and medical fields turn to ITC for all their medical translation services. We know that accuracy is key for companies in this area, so we select qualified professional translators familiar with your industry’s terminology, norms and standards to give you the accuracy and expertise you need for all your translation projects. Our medical translators handle a wide variety of documents, including medical journal articles, patient guides, test reports, patient records, software, clinical studies, market authorizations and more.

Healthcare case study

Client brief

Translate 400,000+ words including a website, training materials, reports and community engagement documents for a humanitarian organization focused on women’s health and women’s rights.


English to French and French to English


ITC selected a team of linguists with experience in the medical field, as well as nonprofit and humanitarian knowledge. Terminology was managed through glossaries and adapted to each target audience, including internal staff and external partners.

Companies in many fields rely on technical translation services for documents like standards, specifications, product data sheets, software, tenders, safety data sheets, user guides, patents, product instructions and more. For these projects, we select experienced translators who are skilled at conveying details with the right terminology.

The field of financial services is fast-paced and increasingly global and ITC is the ideal partner for financial translations that target an international audience. Our expert financial translators can tackle many types of documents, including income statements, press releases, annual reports, balance sheets and audit reports.

Certified translation services in Vancouver

ITC is ready to provide certified translation services for companies in Vancouver who need a translation partner they can trust to help them reach their target customers. At ITC Translations Canada, we combine talent and technology to tailor the translation process to fit your company. We work with expert translators who specialize in specific industries and who are native speakers of the languages they translate into. Their experience in each client’s industry means every legal, medical, technical and financial project is in good hands. And since we partner with a network of 2,500 qualified professionals working in over 80 language pairs, we can offer professional translation services in Vancouver for companies in many other industries as well, including digital entertainment, technology and the green economy.

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