How Globalization can Pose HR Challenges

Those in the HR industry face challenges each day. It’s no longer just about hiring the person with the best qualifications. It’s about qualifications, experience and what each individual can bring to the company. Many HR departments are looking for people whose values align with the company culture and vision, which must be determined before the application process can even begin.

Common Qualities for Today

Some of the most common qualities that many companies are seeking these days include:
– The ability to be proactive
– A passion for what you do
– Company loyalty
– A positive outlook and an open mind
– Friendly and energetic demeanour
No matter the laundry list of qualifications, these are traits that can go a long way toward meeting a vision laid out by the company.

Globalization has Presented a Challenge

Firms will face several challenges from both the future workforce and from the changing nature of work itself.

For companies who have extended their reach and present themselves on a global platform, the need to hire the right employees is more important than ever. As the global economy continues to shift, SHRM Foundation suggests that “firms will face several challenges from both the future workforce and from the changing nature of work itself.” And one of the biggest challenges is in the area of translation.

Challenges that can be met with a Good Translator

Chron reviews four challenging areas that “company leaders and human resources professionals must tackle.”
Language – Globalization brings employees from different countries together and the need for translators for proper communication has never been greater.
Localization – Companies that are trying to create a global culture must also focus their attention on localization and building “good rapport with local communities” (Chron).
Diversity – From gender to ethnicity, diversity in business is greater than ever. People need to be understood when participating in “virtual teams and cross-cultural work groups.”
Culture – Global culture development can be difficult. Employees that come from various cultures have vast differences that translation can bring together.

We’ve Got the HR Hookup

At ITC, we have a presence in both Europe and North America, so we know all about globalization. This dual presence allows us to understand cultures, business practices, specialized requirements and more. Our translators come from around the globe, are trained in both language and specialization and have access to the proper resources to provide nothing but high-quality work.

Human Resource Communication can improve strategic relationships within your business and support your company’s culture, vision and mission. HR materials must be translated by our professionals using the right tone so that they’re culturally understood. In a world where there’s enough to do to keep your business running, let us take care of your translation needs so you can be sure all your teams are on the same page. Contact us for more information on how we can assist your HR department.

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