New Markets, New Localization Strategy

Each time you begin working on a new plan to expand into a new target market, you need to readjust and even sometimes re-do your localization strategy. No two populations are the same, and therefore, no two localization strategies should be the same.

There are a few barriers that can seriously inhibit the progress you make as you strive to break into new markets. A lot of your success will depend on your entry strategy.

Evaluate whether or not a low-risk entry strategy will be worth it for you. If the market you’re attempting to reach is culturally distant from what your business or brand’s end goal would allow, you may either want to forgo this type of expansion, or seek the aid of a team of professionals. You’ll need linguists, translators, specialists in the culture, and even a project manager to oversee it all. This will be the surest way for you to gain information about the company, in relation to your business.

This type of method is about poking the target to see how pliable it is. Will it allow you in with little to no fuss, and if so, what’s going to be the best language and localization strategy for you once you’re there.

Taking low-risks is often acceptable, particularly when you’re researching and learning about a new market that you may find some success in.

Are you fairly certain about the market you’d like to get into? That’s great. Do you have any contacts or connections that can help you? If not, you’ll need some. Partnering up is vital in this regard. And as always, the partnership you choose is going to be important too, so choose well.

You may find that you’re hitting barriers in the market as you start to expand. You can assuage the amount of barriers by doing your market research and doing it well. Also consider business ethics and best practices, and how they differ from one culture to the next.

When you research well, you can adapt your strategy accordingly. And when your localization strategy meets the target’s standards, you’ll find that success isn’t too far off.

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